Verify the Identity of Any Financial Professional In Seconds
Identity verification and accreditation for financial advisors, brokers, agents, and more using a single, secure authentication flow.
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For Businesses
Enterprise-ready IdP for companies working with securities, advisory, or insurance professionals.
For Professionals
Secure, instant logins instead of looking up and sharing CRDs, NPNs, or SSNs over your network.
For Developers
No-code, bank-grade identity verification and regulatory enrichment to your IDaaS/directory.

Verified authentication

Professionals can verify their identity and authenticate to your website or app in just seconds.

Regulatory enrichment

Know the FINRA, SEC, and NAIC registrations of every user without asking.

Professionals API

A source of truth to monitor the status of every financial professional you work with.

We Help Teams Scale


We can get you off the ground and running in as little as 15 seconds. Utilize FinVera’s drop-in verification and enrichment process instantly.


Designed to act as a source of truth for FINRA, SEC, and NIPR data, you can search and link every professional in the industry using the unique FinVera ID.

Developer Friendly

Don't believe us? Open your sandbox account here and start verifying. Our docs page can serve as a guide, and our team wants to hear from you.

Financial Professional Search

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Try It Out and Search For Financial Pros

A single REST API can enrich Salesforce, other CRMs, or other services from securities and insurance regulators.

Use Cases

We support a lot of use cases and our team is available and ready to help you build.


Eliminate the need to ask for the firm, CRD, NPN, SSN in registration for 90%+ of users


Link user sessions to authoritative, automatically updated regulatory data

Updated Information

Track when advisors change firms in Salesforce (free)


See when an advisor goes independent in a territory (free)


Prevent unauthorized use of a financial professional’s credentials & identity

Identity Management

Manage access by multiple organizations with the ability to cut off credential access

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